PowerDirector Updates and Camera Angles

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3 New Features You Don’t Want to Miss – PowerDirector

So it’s time for the annual major update of PowerDirector from Cyberlink so as far as PowerDirector itself goes that takes us to PowerDirector 21.

Of course it’s not as simple as that!

The version of the product Cyberlink have been pushing for the last few years is PD 365 which is the subscription based model of the program.

That version regularly updates and has resources added to it throughout the year.

Once per year the stand alone (perpetual license) version gets an update that includes most of the updates that were rolled out previously to the 365 version. Clear as mud?

Anyhoo here is a quick rundown on some of the new stuff.

And for good measure below this video is another one from CyberLink showcasing the DirectorSuite 365 releases which includes, AudioDirector, PhotoDirector ColorDirector and of course the latest version of PowerDirector.

DirectorSuite 365

How to Use the Right Camera Angle to Tell a Compelling Story

One of the more important thangs that anyone starting out in creating videos can learn is the way in which certain seemingly innocuous things can drastically alter how people see your video.

One of the most powerful of these outside of audio is that of camera angles.

When most people start out they are not even aware of this as a subject and tend to just fire away hoping for the best.

What they soon discover is that some of their shots or shot sequences seems to be conveying moods or emotions that they were not really going for.

This “unseen” effect is very often the result of the person shooting from various angles whilst being unaware of the effect camera angle can have.

Here’s a good article explaining the major angles and how they affect audience perception.

Not a Storyteller? Use this Formula

One of the more difficult concepts to get across to beginners as far as video goes is that of “story.”

This is especially difficult for YouTubers trying to create “how to” videos or explainer videos when there seems to be no possibility of there being a story.

If this is you then the following video will come in handy but then again it should come in handy for anyone creating videos in general.

Blending Effects in Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

A feature that has filtered its way down to the consumer level from the dizzying heights of the pro’s is Blend modes.

Blend Modes are simply a set of rules that are followed when one visual asset is placed over another to (hopefully) create a desirable effect by blending the two in specific ways.

In the video below you can get an idea of how it all works generally as well as more specifically to Corel VideoStudio.

How to Quickly Clone Yourself in Video – Wondershare Filmora Tutorial

Like most of these quick tricks and tips videos the software being used is kind of irrelevant because pretty much any decent video editor can do it.

If you are using Filmora then great, just follow along.

If not then watch the video with reference to how the trick is being pulled off and I am sure you can do it in your own brand of software.

Filmora 11 Screen Video Sliding Effect

This is a fairly simple tutorial on using the crop feature in video editing software in conjunction with key frames.

It is interesting to note that this kind of effect five or more years ago would have been impossible to do in very simple video editors like Filmora.

In fact even the more advanced editors would have required a decent amount of work to get it done back in the day!

These days stuff like this is basically a bit of drag and drop plus a few tweaks and you are good to go.

How to Improve Video Quality in 5 Minutes – Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners

Given the fact that most of us are going to be shooting footage under relatively uncontrolled circumstances, it is inevitable that we will wind up with less than perfect shots.

These days just about every decent video editing program comes loaded with some pretty impressive correction tools.

In fact your footage has to be pretty bad to be considered as a total write off! In the video below you can see a few of these tools demonstrated in the Movavi Video Suite which packs a pretty powerful punch for a beginner style program.

60 Second Strategy – Create Great YouTube Video Titles

For those of you unfamiliar with Daniel Batal he runs a YouTube channel focusing on strategies for becoming successful on that platform.

As a sort of side gig to that he also has a bunch of great videos on using Filmora for video editing.

He has a weekly segment where he sets himself 60 seconds to inspect and evaluate users YouTube channels and videos offering tips to improve them.

Lots of excellent information every time he does it and this week he is concentrating on Titles.

How To Add Music To An Edit in Resolve 18 – Beginner Tutorial

There are many aspect to effectively choosing, adding and finally mixing in music to just about any video project.

Whilst the mechanics of just dragging it on to a timeline are pretty straightforward, what happens after that can be quite simple or incredibly complex depending on your project.

The video below covers the subject with a mind to be using DaVinci Resolve to do the work but don’t be put off by that if you are not using resolve.

There are many other tips, tricks and nuggets of advice in there as well covering all aspects of music in video.