The evolution in and importance of securing the cloud 2022

The adoption of cloud services can catalyze business innovation and growth. More than 90% of organizations currently rely on cloud services. But how secure is your organization’s cloud data and how are cyber security companies evolving cloud security technologies to help you stay ahead of emerging cloud-based threats? In an exciting episode of […]

Latin America: A region of challenges and opportunities

Francisco Robayo is a cyber security expert with 15 years of experience in the sector and more than 20 years in IT. He has been linked to Check Point for 10 years, holding various positions in the LATAM region. Currently, he is the Engineering Leader for Latin America and the Caribbean and part of the […]

Amazon One collects handprints, privacy advocates seriously disturbed

Amazon wants to read your palm – and the technology might foretell the future. Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, is adding its Amazon One palm-scanning devices to check out kiosks in 65 California metro-area locations. A handful of locations in New York and LA have experimented with the technology for months, and larger […]

How to find and remove spyware from your smartphone

Contributed by George Mack, Content Marketing Manager, Check Point Software. Our phones have become an integral part of our daily lives. We use them everyday to send messages, browse social media, and much more. However, with the expansion of our dependence on them, mobile devices have become an attractive attack vector for scammers. Last year, […]

Creating a culture of cyber security excellence

Edwin Doyle, Global Cyber Security Strategist, Check Point Software. One of the greatest challenges for a CISO today is working with their colleagues. It is especially true when working in a business that creates digital products. The software developers in those corporations are incentivized through the KPIs to meet deadlines, produce products that work and […]

7 actionable CISO strategies for effective executive-level communication

At this point, the value of cyber security should be readily apparent to Board members and executive leadership. Major breaches are in the headlines on a near-daily basis. A cyber security incident could lead to serious financial costs for companies, reputational damage, and loss of consumer trust. Nonetheless, conveying the risk to senior […]

Ransomware: Hive, LockBit & BlackCat pounce on this one firm’s network…

Three prominent ransomware gangs -Hive, Lockbit and BlackCat- have consecutively attacked a single network belonging to a large unnamed business. The first two attacks occurred within two hours of one another. The third attack occurred two weeks later. After each attack, ransomware thieves left demands and triple encrypted select files. In this instance, […]

CEO Talk: With 2022’s Tech for Humanity Award winner

Ari Gargir is the Founder and CEO of RedC Biotech, developing an industrial process for production of life saving universal red blood cells. For over 20 years, Ari led R&D and product development teams in various global and startup companies in the areas of biomedical research tools, pharmaceutical development and diagnostics. Ari Gargir holds a […]

Twitter fixes security bug, exposes at least 5.4M accounts

Twitter announced that it resolved a security issue that enabled hackers to compile information from 5.4 million Twitter accounts, which were listed for sale on a cyber crime forum. Again, the vulnerability has been fixed. Affected Twitter users are expected to receive notification. Twitter’s security bug The vulnerability enabled anyone to type the […]

12 illuminating Zero Trust statistics and trends in 2022

For many organizations, prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the security perimeter was limited to the conventional office building. However, as the remote and hybrid work environments expanded, an increasing number of devices and cloud-based assets began to fall outside of the enterprise network boundary. Organizations are embracing Zero Trust Architecture on account of […]