Introducing LiveU Solo PRO!

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Well, the day has finally arrived! Today LiveU is announcing the Solo PRO, what they are calling their most advanced encoder yet. 4Kp60 support in both H.264 and HEVC, up to 4 external modems for great modularity when it comes to LTE / 5G, longer battery life, even USB-C for the power input to support way more external battery options. I think it is a future-proof tool for all streaming workflows. Plus, they are announcing new cloud services (which will launch a little later this year) including finally rolling Solo Connect out to the rest of the world, multi-destination from the cloud, and yes you guessed it: SRT support out from the cloud.

Key Features:

1) There will be a “loyalty program” to give you a $250 credit for each current generation solo you own, when you sign up for services on the Solo PRO – thanks for being users all these years!

2) Yes, SRT out from the cloud will be available for the current generation units – believe it or not, it will take a firmware update to those units (even though its coming out from the cloud), as we need one new level of communication between the unit and cloud to prep the cloud for SRT (the PROs already support this).

3) Yes, the multi-destination feature will be available for current gen units. Yes, you can still buy the current gen unit, which will remain the same price, into 2023 at least and when we get closer to true end of inventory, will let everyone know.

4) Finally, yes, the long-long-long-awaited fix to the 4 modem issue on Solo+ is still coming, hopefully will be all the same firmware (SRT cloud support, and 4 modem fix) for Solo+.

Exceptional Quality
Streaming up to 4Kp60 resolution at up to 20Mbps, letting you engage your audience with premium-quality live viewing experience.

Rock-solid Reliability
Combining up to 6 IP connections: 4 external modems (5G & 4G), WiFi & LAN over LiveU’s industry’s proven LRT™ bonding protocol.

Next-gen Encoding
Leveraging the benefits of HEVC and offering greatly improved video quality wherever original H.264 bitrate is maintained

Limitless Coverage
Go live from anywhere with extended internal battery time, easy-to-use USB-C external battery, and flexible carrying options.

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