FOMO on the latest cyber security tech?

Building a balanced cyber security portfolio is tough. Selecting the right cyber security products that deliver needed capabilities at the right service levels can be a grueling, frustrating and throw-in-the-towel type of process. Because more than 3,500 different cyber security solutions firms exist on the market, organizations are often quick to purchase the […]

Should you add cyber insurance to your security stack?

Devin Partida writes about cyber security and technology. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Anyone tuned into the cyber security world understands that new threats emerge almost daily. Unprotected organizations are constantly threatened by cyber attacks; from DDoS attacks, to phishing scams, to business email compromises. Even companies that heavily prioritize security must continuously reevaluate […]

Revolut cyber attack exposes data belonging to thousands of customers

The London-based FinTech startup known as Revolut recently confirmed a breach that affected a “small percentage” (0.16%) of its clients. According to a formal breach disclosure, 50,150 customers were affected, including 20,657 customers in the European Economic Area and 379 Lithuanian citizens. What happened Hackers compromised card payment data, account data, customer names, […]

The prevention-first approach for SOC that your team needs to adopt

Alon Bar, Product Marketing, Threat Prevention at Check Point Software Technologies Your SOC team works around the clock to mitigate cyber security threats – whether you rely on a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) or an Extended Detection and Response (XDR) approach to threat detection. Both MDR and XDR enable teams to detect and respond […]

Did hackers gain full access to Uber’s critical IT systems?

Last week, Uber Technologies Inc. experienced a high-impact cyber attack. “They pretty much have full access to Uber,” said Sam Curry, a security engineer who managed to correspond with the party responsible for the attack. The group behind the breach is affiliated with the Lapsus$ extortion group, which recently compromised systems belonging to […]

Music’s hidden potential to unlock value for business executives

I’m a musician and serial entrepreneur, was trained as classical pianist, and studied for a master’s in music and philosophy. As a business executive, I have over 20 years of experience, leading several innovations from inception and product strategy to development and product management, to commercialization in global markets. My track record includes closing successful […]

10 mind-boggling cyber security statistics (and they might scare you)

In the distributed cyber security ecosystem, are leaders losing control over cyber threats? Nearly 50% of all corporate executives state that they are making additional investments in cyber security. Broadly speaking, senior executives and board members have become far more cognizant of the financial, regulatory and legal consequences associated with cyber attacks than […]

A CISO’s guide to preventing attacks in the government sector

By Lari Luoma, Check Point Software, Cyber Security Evangelist. Introduction According to recent reports by Check Point Research and HP, nation-state cyber attacks are on the rise. While governments have always maintained cyber espionage operations, what is new is that now state-backed actors attack organizations to steal business information, plant ransomware or to disrupt critical […]

Hackers could crash power grids, but they’re mostly after…

The energy sector has a target on its back. Data reveals that 77% of assets within the energy sector retain porous Information Technology (IT) or Operational Technology (OT) boundaries, making them uniquely vulnerable to cyber threats. Amidst rising geopolitical tensions, cyber attacks against critical infrastructure groups are liable to increase. The recent discovery […]

Is technology the friend or foe of modern workplaces?

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies and I believe that it will change the world. In fact, it is changing it right now. But is it really as great as it sounds, or should we feel warned by all the sci-fi movies where intelligent robots conquer the world? Artificial intelligence […]