New Headache for Russia: Ukraine is Now Capable of Developing Advanced Drones Much Faster – Technology Org

In the area of manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles – drones, Ukraine is in a more advantageous position compared to Russia, thanks to its access to advanced Western technologies.

A military drone in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers.

A military drone in the hands of Ukrainian soldiers. Image credit: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The significant expansion of combat drone production in Ukraine is not only an effective strategic necessity for defending the front but also a measure to “create a nightmare” for aggressors within its territory.

Yuriy Ihnat, representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force, discussed this during a national telethon.

“There are never too many drones; we need to expand their production. Perhaps we are even in a better position than Russia because we have access to Western technologies,” he noted.

According to Ihnat, the support from Western partners allows Ukraine to increase the production of attacking drones. This, in turn, will help ensure that the war initiated by Russia will reach Russian cities and villages.

“The number of attacking drones will allow us to disturb the peace of Russia on its territory, just as they terrorize us,” emphasized the Air Force representative.

Simultaneously, with a decrease in missile reserves, Russian invaders are likely to increase the number of their own kamikaze drone attacks. Ukraine can withstand these attacks, primarily utilizing the famous German Gepard anti-aircraft systems and mobile air defense groups.

Ukrainian drone R18.

Ukrainian drone R18. Image credit: “Aerorozvidka” (

Previously, the former Minister of Strategic Industries, Oleksandr Kamyshin, spoke about the production of analogs of “Shahed” in Ukraine. According to him, the state concern “Ukroboronprom” produces dozens of similar drones every month.

In addition to the series production of these attack drones, the name of which is currently undisclosed, Ukraine is also increasing the production of other weapons, which “were previously produced in very small numbers and now there are quite a lot of them,” as Kamyshin pointed out.

According to him, the defense industry plays a crucial role in the country’s economic growth and could become one of its main sectors in the future.

Written by Vytautas Valinskas