The main challenges facing CISOs

How CISOs can help their organizations avoid cyber risks by choosing the right tools and ensuring they have compiled a rigorous risk register

How secure is your hybrid data center?

By Dave Gronner, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms, Check Point. As data centers evolve, so do the cyber attacks An IDC survey of five hundred enterprises indicated that over 70% experienced at least one major security breach over the last two years that involved both their on-premises data centers and IaaS cloud environments. The majority […]

Top 7 reasons to try out the CISO-as-a-Service model

Dedicated security expertise, optimization, governance and innovation on-demand? Almost. For a subset of businesses, the CISO-as-a-Service model makes security implementation more approachable, practicable and manageable. Discover why your business might need a cloud-ready infomediary who can deliver across dynamic and diverse security engagements. What is CISO-as-a-Service? CISO-as-a-Service, paid for as a subscription on […]

10 key facts about callback phishing attacks

Is callback phishing on your radar screen? Hackers launch callback phishing campaigns to breach corporate networks. Once in the network, hackers tend to deploy ransomware. What is callback phishing? Callback phishing typically involves an email, a phone call and a fake subscription/invoice notice. In recent months, hackers have impersonated businesses in order to dupe victims […]

A CISO’s critical recommendations for threat intel

By Pete Nicoletti, Check Point Field CISO, Americas If leveraged appropriately, cyber threat intelligence is a critical cyber security tool used by security professionals around the globe. I do not know of any fellow CISOs that do not love quality and fresh threat intel and what it can offer: responsiveness to new threats, understanding of […]

Using automated release management to increase data security

Devin Partida writes about cyber security and technology. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of Developers working on apps may want to turn to automated release management to increase data security. Many people don’t fully understand the ins and outs of automated release management. The process is fairly complex, even for IT professionals. One of the […]

Africa – the most cyber attacked continent, a 2022 review of trends

Issam El Haddioui: Head of Security Engineering, EMEA – Africa | Security Evangelist with the Office of the CTO. Issam El Haddioui has held multiple technical leadership and management roles with major cyber security vendors in different countries. He has 20+ years’ experience in worldwide consulting, designing, and implementing security architectures across verticals. He holds […]