17 incredible cloud native benefits that you should be aware of

Cloud native applications empower organizations to make infrastructure development and management effortless. Achieving agility is what keeps the enterprise competitive in an ever-evolving market. With cloud native, organizations can move fast while dynamically maximizing real-time innovation, becoming more resilient and delivering without disruption. By 2025, 95% of new digital workloads will likely be […]

This is why securing critical infrastructure is so important

Galina Antova is the co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Claroty. Prior to co-founding the company, she was the Global Head of Industrial Security Services at Siemens overseeing the development of its portfolio of services that protect industrial customers against cyber-attacks. She holds a BS in Computer Science from York University in Toronto, and […]

6 different types of CISOs and the environments they thrive in

The CISO’s role is to protect the business from cyber threats, but often times companies and CISOs alike aren’t fully aware of the type of CISO that’s needed for the job. The type of CISO needed depends on a variety of factors; from where the company is in its own lifecycle, to the […]

Educating the world about email security one call at a time

With over 20 years of Sales, Marketing, leadership and Inside Sales development experience, Kelly carries a diverse background in building revenue-driven inside sales teams within high-growth, high-tech organizations. As a five-time winner of the AA-ISP Most Influential Sales Professionals, Kelly is a noted expert on how to train, build and grow exceptional teams. Prior to […]

Ex-Twitter security chief alleges ‘egregious’ and ‘reckless’ practices

Twitter’s security poses a threat to its users’ information, to its shareholders, to national security and to democracy at-large, according to a whistleblower disclosure presented to The Washington Post and CNN. In addition to describing egregious negligence and recklessness, the disclosure alleges that some of the company’s senior executives have covered up security […]

Zero Trust Segmentation: A primer for CISOs

CISOs and network managers need to know which users can be trusted, and whether or not a workload might be compromised. Simple network monitoring and a few scattered enterprise security measures are no longer enough. Architectural shifts to cloud services -like AWS and Azure- along with the growth of SaaS, IaaS, and Pass, […]

Proactive tips to defend against DDoS attacks

By Zac Amos, Features Editor, Rehack.com. In the digital age, a well-executed cyber security incident could have serious implications for a business or the average internet user. Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated and costly — cyber crime costs the global economy around $445 billion annually. In the past few years, businesses have experienced more […]

Fake DDoS pages on WordPress install the following…

WordPress-based sites hacked? Security researchers say that WordPress pages are being hacked to display spoofed Cloudflare DDoS protection pages. The pages distribute malware that’s capable of spying on users, stealing passwords, and potentially launching ransomware attacks. WordPress, DDoS, malware Hacked WordPress sites show fake DDoS-protection information. But it’s tough to tell that the […]

UK claims the unenviable title of “Fraud Capital of Europe”

By Gergo Varga, Evangelist, SEON. Plenty of national pride revolves around the accolades and titles that a country manages to accumulate or win. Becoming known as a “fraud capital” isn’t much in the way of a source of national pride. Unfortunately, it’s now a title that now belongs to the UK. The UK is now […]