How to prevent sneaky zero day attacks on fleets of smartphones

Smartphones make us stronger, faster, smarter and better (at nearly everything). They give us extraordinary capabilities and clear advantages, many of which make us feel like the earth’s mightiest heroes. Smartphones render us capable of contending with such a range of circumstantial emergencies, at work or at home, that we can’t venture beyond […]

Becoming anti-fragile: Going beyond resilience to prevent ransomware

Cindi Carter, Field CISO Americas, Check Point Software Ransomware attacks are increasing in frequency, ferocity and brutality. In 2021, 37% of global organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack. In 2022, that number soared to 66%, hinting at the exceptionally aggressive tactics employed by attackers and the catastrophic consequences that are draining business resources. Ransomware […]

7 CISO succession planning best practices

Given the volume and complexity of security incidents, the need for a highly effective CISO is obvious and nearly universal among organizations. However, the crushing level of pressure associated with the role, combined with tempting external job offers, add up to a system where a CISO will either experience burnout after a certain […]

14 ways to secure business data, in layman’s language

Mazhar Hamayun is a cyber security professional with over 20 years of hands-on technology and leadership experience. At Check Point Software, Mazhar works as a cyber security engineer and in the Office of the CTO, committed to helping different organizations achieve success in both strategic and technical initiatives while contributing to Check Point’s own security […]

Warning of ransomware attacks on schools, here’s how to prepare…

Earlier today, US agencies released a joint advisory pertaining to ransomware attacks on American schools. The advisory arrives on the heels of a recent ransomware attack that resulted in the unprecedented shutdown of computer systems belonging the second largest school district in the US. Over Labor Day weekend, Los Angeles Unified School District, […]

The secret to managing deepfakes includes AI/DL & provenance

Keely Wilkins is an Evangelist with the Office of the CTO as well as a Pre-Sales Security Engineer in Virginia.  She has worked in the technology industry for nearly thirty years, holds a MS of Cybersecurity and a variety of certifications. Keely endeavors to find balance among transparency, predictability, and security. Design business and security […]

5 key traits of highly effective CISOs

In businesses across the globe, an explosion of connectivity has massively expanded digital footprints. Intellectual property, customer data and brand equity are now wrapped up in the digital world. This has afforded businesses new opportunities, but has also transformed them into targets for information theft, which directly affects business performance and shareholder value. […]

Credential phishing prevention best practices

Credential phishing prevention best practices can help your employees prevent cyber attacks that can harm your business. Information security is everyone’s job. Now, more than ever, IT teams and employees need to collaborate in order to prevent business extinction-level events. Credential phishing prevention A recent study indicates that breaches due to credential theft take longer […]

Top mobile security trends that you have to follow

Augusto Morales is a Technology Lead (Threat Solutions) at Check Point Software Technologies. He is based in Dallas, Texas, and has been working in cyber security since 2006. He got his PhD/Msc in Telematics System Engineering from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain and he is also Senior Member of the IEEE. Author of more […]